The Love Of A Beautiful Escort

Sex is undoubtedly one of the greatest sources of pleasure to any person. Many people even invest a great chunk of their money to hire the services of great London escort. A majority of escort clients claim that their love for escorts is grounded on the level of pleasure they achieve during intimate sessions. With the stigma associated with the hiring of escorts in some quarters, most escort service consumers avoid sharing their experience with escorts in online platforms.

However, there are a few whose satisfaction cannot allow them to remain quiet; they take to the social platforms to share their experience. This was the case for Harry, a middle-aged factory worker in London. He had experienced bad luck in the relationship department so escorts had become his means of intimacy. According to a posts made by Harry on his Facebook timeline, he confesses to being a regular client of a local escort agency. He had been hiring their services for the last six to seven years. As if the escort agency was following him on Facebook, they sent him a “gift” on the eve of the New Year. They sent him a beautiful sweet young lady, her name is Ella. She was a gift to him for his unwavering loyalty to the escort agency.

In this first meeting with Ella it made Harry feel like he had never felt before. Everything they did together was enjoyable. From eating ice cream together to chasing one another around his house, it was all fun. Neither Harry nor Ella would imagine the day coming to an end. They wanted to spend more time together. Surprisingly, Harry never seemed to be in hurry to get intimate. On the other hand, Ella was a caring lady. She knew what a man wanted, and she provided exactly that. Their first date was concluded in style, they had a steamy sex session. Their interaction had made their bodies want to become more physically connected. Both Harry and Ella enjoyed it to the fullest.

Harry wanted her to stay for a sleepover but she’d some other commitments; she promised to visit him some days later. A week passed and Ella was back in Harry’s house. They enjoyed the moments together. In the evening, they left for a club. She felt Harry’s protection. Harry felt like he’d acquired a new status. This becomes a common thing to the two; they would regularly schedule for dates. Their interaction became more intense. Though not married, Harry seemed to have found the love of his life, and planned to exclusively hire Ella from then on.

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